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June 01, 2017


Bahlman Cleaners has a competitive edge that only a few U.S. drycleaners can claim-an owner/operator who has earned all three professional certifications from the Drycleaning & Laundry Institute (DLI)-becoming a Certified Garment Care Professional.

Danny Bahlman has earned DLI’s Certified Environmental Drycleaner® (CED), Certified Professional Drycleaner® (CPD), and Certified Professional Wetcleaner® (CPW) designations. He became certified by mastering a comprehensive body of knowledge in critical areas of professional cleaning, and then passing three rigorous examinations that verify his expertise in those areas.

Certified drycleaners can provide their customers with the following: • Proven knowledge regarding environmental laws and other federal regulatory requirements, proper waste handling, occupational safety and health, and the safe operation of drycleaning equipment. • Verified expertise in the most up-to-date cleaning methods for all fibers and fabrics. • Demonstrated commitment to the highest levels of customer service.

Consumers who are served by certified drycleaners should recognize the certification process as a sign that their cleaner has made a commitment to providing customers with quality work and service.

Under DLI’s program, cleaners need to re-certify every few years to retain their designation. Consequently, the program demands that certified cleaners update their knowledge and expertise as cleaning technologies change and apparel manufacturers introduce new fashions.

DLI, based in Laurel, Maryland, is the premier trade association for the nation’s professional drycleaners, wetcleaners, and launderers.

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